10 Signs You're An Intuitive & Don't Know It

  • You pick up on everyone’s emotions. …
  • You have vivid dreams . …
  • You’re very discerning. …
  • Thoughts drop into your mind from nowhere. …
  • You get messages from all around. …
  • Psychics hunt you down. …
  • You’re suffering from a chronic illness that doctors can’t cure. …
  • You’re prone to addiction.

I feel I have this…!! :innocent:

Everyone is intuitive. This just sounds like a list of reasons to pretend you aren’t actually mentally ill.

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there is different degrees to intuition , google it

But this doesnt describe intuition. It describes a psychotic episode.

Einstein is widely quoted as saying , “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.”

google it

you need to study it more for a better understanding of it

I think this is encouraging delusions

Its a helpful thread!!

Intuition is the ability to recognize patterns and body language on a subconscious level to make quick judgments. It is an evolutionary trait that helps us socially and helps us avoid danger. Some people are better at it than others.


No way, intuition is a magical new age superpower that only spiritual wizards can master.


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