1/3rd recover fully

great news to hear…

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that’s not really true…

@mortimermouse you know the stats on this right?

i was told 30% 1/3rd recover

here in Ireland it’s 1/3rd

lucky you… Catholicism might have something to it

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why does religion work for mental illness?

it’s as much ■■■■■■■■ as what you said lol… an irony…

30% of people with psychosis might recover… schizophrenia itself is more or less the diagnosis of those who will have it for life…

i think it’s more like 10% of officially diagnosed fully recover… without meds… even less.

psychosis is what i was talking about

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But did those third have schuz

apparently not…

calling @mortimermouse

we need some clarity here…

From “Surviving Schizophrenia” “25% recover completely: This assumes that all patients with symptoms of schizophrenia are part of the analysis, including those who have been sick for less than six months with schizophreniform disorders. If only patients with narrowly defined schizophrenia are included (i.e. ‘continuous signs of illness for at least six months’), then the percentage of completely recovered will be under 25%…Those who recover also do so within the first two years of illness and usually have had no more than two discrete episodes of illness.” [p. 103] Ten years into course of illness and thirty years into course of illness the same statistic holds.

An additional 25% at ten years (and 35% at thirty years) are “much improved” and “relatively independent.” So half of people will recover to a great extent.

An additional 25% at ten years (and 15% at thirty years) will be “improved, but requiring an extensive support network.”

25% will not improve.


thanks @Hereandhere for the info

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I think it just depends on how the data are interpreted…:slight_smile:

Ive sort of recovered after about 10 years but im still on meds


In the statistics, meds are part of recovery (except that first group that recover completely in two years).

It’s called the rule of thirds

One third get worse
One third are about the same
One third get better

How much better and how much worse is another story

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