zZz |\/|~~[]> Simple City Test <[]~~|\/| zZz

A Test.

To Test Your Ability to Conquer Fear.

0.1) If There is No Such Thing as Aliens, Then How Do You Explain Technology?.

0.2) If Trees Didn’t Own The Ability to Give Oxygen, How Would We Breathe?.

0.3) What is Acceptable to Those Who Accept Nothing?.

(((Thus Concludes The Test of Thee Sacred Ability League)))

Please Enjoy. :sleeping:




Your History Channel Alien Guy Quote Has Been Taken Out of Context And Will Not Be Allowed As Evidence in The Court.

Please Finish The Test.

Thank You. :sleeping:

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You’re not the boss of me.

I Don’t Talk to Creatures From The Pits of Nosferatu…,

And as The Leader of Silky Vampires I Must Say,


Thank You… . … :sleeping:

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How much? $$$$$$$.

I accept PayPal for a smooth payment experience. Thanks.

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Thus Much (!!!)…,

((( -_- )))

And Off Topic Slightly,

I Don’t Understand The Inability to Be Creative With Symbols On The Electric Notepads…,

Take Test Please… . …

Boys And Boys And Girls And Girls… . …

0.1) We invented technology

0.2) We probably would have evolved to breathe something else

0.3) Nothing

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