Zyprexa works but has lots of side effects

I’ve tried multiple meds and zyprexa is the only one that works for my psychosis but it has so many side effects. I’m dizzy when I stand up, I get headaches all day at work, I’m tired, I’ve gained weight, and I’m severely constipated.

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Have u tried clozapine?

I have not tried clozapine but I am a little scared to, I’ve heard it has just as many side effects as zyprexa.

My Mother takes 35 mg Zyprexa every day. It works well on her psychosis. But it makes her constipated and hungry so that she gains weight. She just got put on it one month ago. Besides of that who say schizos won’t get old. She is 75 years old.


@columbus does she developed any diabet ?

I gained a lot of weight when I was on Zyprexa too. It made me want to sleep a lot and it made me crave sugar. I was always mildly depressed on it. There is some appeal in sleeping a lot, but then again, maybe not.

I’m also on Zyprexa (15mg/day) and the only side effect I have is constipation so my psy doc prescribed me some laxative to take everyday.
You need to tell your psy doc so that he can lower the dose and give you laxatives. also sometimes it takes some weeks before your body gets used to the medication and stop the side effects :smiley:

They’re broadly the same effects as well. I had this problem but at the last knockings I was put on amisulpride and that worked luckily

Zyprexa didnt work, I was still psychotic with some catatonia while on it, I think I was on 15mg, Dr then added Seroquel but I was still psychotic. Now on Risperdal 4mg.

Latuda didn’t fully work too, I had positive symptoms on up to 120mg.

On Zyprexa, I developped high cholesterol, high bp and prediabetes. These disappeared on Abilify, Latuda and Risperdal.

my doc put me on 10mg of zyprexa twice a day, i get super twitchy and easily agitated. it keeps me mellow and reduces symptoms otherwise