Zyprexa with-drawl from

i didnt take it last night, whats the with-drawl spytoms? im thinking of stoping them

Pedro, while not advisable, quitting Zyprexa cold turkey is generally safe. You may have some rebound insomnia, but that’s it.

yes i had to take two sleeping pills last night but other than that i feel fine, would you say i will be ok with-out this zyprexa pill

Now you’re venturing into uncharted territory. Are you asking me if it’s a good idea to stop your antipsychotic? My advice would be talk to your pdoc about this. Some people, including me, can be on medication for 5 years or so, and go off of it. Others have a life sentence.

im in remission 2 years,over all im feeling very well every-day im even getting bouts super inner peace, with no syptoms,i want to try stopping the zyprexa, ive gained 5 stone im way over weight

Maybe instead of stopping it entirely, try asking your doctor to reduce thee dose. The idea is to keep you in recovery and sane.

thanks for your advise, i will consider it

are you taking any tablets Alien99?

Hi Pedro, I’m just on lithium, no antipsychotics.