Zyprexa: wafers versus tablets

i am on haldol depot also (to reduce voices and supposed my “delusions”), but i take zyprexa for formal thought disorder/disorganization problems. i feel like the dissolvable wafers work better. but i can’t put them into the pill organizer and so i end up forgetting or overtaking. this happened not long ago and has been alleged as happening again and giving me more trouble of late. they might be right.

they do kinda work pretty quickly for me so i think resolved? well i’m also always better in the morning. sunset happens and it’s a whole different situation. anyway, does anyone have experience with taking both wafers and tablets and have a preference? i think the dissolvables do a better job at protecting me from their thought manipulation that causes the “clanging” and stealing my thoughts so they bottom out of my head and so forth. but the pills are able to be put into the container better. i have tried carefully removing wafers from foil and putting in, but it’s mostly disastrous.

am i stuck on the tablets because i’m forgetful? i’ve taken zyprexa (except when i’ve been off my meds entirely) for about five six years ish. it’s the only medication i’ve found that helps this particular aspect of my issues. and my most recent hospitalization was because i was “incomprehensible” so i really need to avoid that. plus i hate looking stupid.


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the yellow tablet shaped wafers? those are what i have. them ten mg ones. i am supposed to twice daily but putting them into the daily pill allotment reminder container makes them crumbly. so i can’t. but then i forget them out of the blister pack, so it doesn’t work.

if you have a different type that dissolves but is sturdier and so won’t crumble out of the blister foil pack thing please let me know thank you.

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brilliant idea!

i’ll try that.


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