Zyprexa/Olanzapine bodybuilding muscle gains

Meds take time to work

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True, but the absence of the Seroquel should have the effect I want pretty quick. As long as the new med knocks me out I’m gonna be good. (I’m taking Seroquel for sleep)

(yeah the infection I told you about in PM wasn’t helping either)

Same problem here, sleep… Usually the potent sleep meds (antidepressants/antipsychotics) are also weight gainers. I’ve been struggling with sleep maintenance insomnia for 2 years. I’ve tried dozens of sleep meds but with no avail. As a last resort I’m going to try a CPAP machine, if that doesn’t help I’m going to push my pdoc to let me try Xyrem (GHB) since I only react positive to alcohol induced sleep and Xyrem is chemically similar to it.

@anon98519533 I guess it’s the partial dopamine agonism that helps you gain muscle mass compared to compounds that all block dopamine. I really liked Abilify too, mood and antipsychotic wise. However the crippling anxiety it caused made me just feel really sick. I haven’t read anywhere that Abilify’s successor Brexpiprazole does have that same anxiety side-effect.

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I take saphris at night. Good combo…good results. Was very volatile on 30 abilify now on 20. To combat anxiety I use my coping skills toolkit

Have you been tested for sleep apnea? I have it, although I wonder if I would without meds with strong sedation. Those are bad for sleep apnea. But without them I might not sleep at all.

Best of luck. I’m pretty much done with site. Saphris helps you sleep

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Yeah, I had a polysomnografy (sleep-study) done. Although, I did not “qualify” for having sleep-apnea my sleep doc offered me to try it.
Same here, schizophrenia can alter your sleep-cycles, hence the fact that 80% of people whom have a psychotic disorder also suffer from a sleeping disorder.
Mirtazapine was my sleep med for many years, now it only puts me at sleep but fails to keep me at sleep.

According to the study’s and pharmacology of Brexpiprazole it should also aid ones sleep. Maybe try upping the dose and take it before bed?

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I’m on abilify and getting good gains. So I don’t know why you guys can’t gain muscle.

I think it only affects a small minority of people like any side effects. Most people seem to have no problem gaining muscle but iv encountered a few who cant gain not even a gram of muscle

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I’ve never tried Zyprexa/Olanzapine, and I guess I was right to do so judging by the reviews. I’ve been doing bodybuilding for years and have heard from many people about the various problems with supplements.

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