Zyprexa Issue

I’m in a catch 22 right now. I have been taking zyprexa for the past few days and I’ve found it helps me feel more at ease slightly even though I still get paranoid out in public and I take bad situations as a sign of the simulation is trying to screw with me. My problem is since I’m a college student I have to go to class. Now before I took zyprexa I wasn’t able to concentrate due to symptoms such as the class was spying on me or connected mentally while excluding me. Now I’m unable to focus because I feel a little dopey. Not like high dopey but foggy dopey. I’ll blank out for extended periods of time and just leave my head. Also it’s been equally as challenging to have to do assigned readings. Even before zyprexa I couldn’t read more then a page of material, but again, it was because of delusional stuff. I just don’t know what to do. Any thoughts on zyprexa in general or anyone who has experienced this? Also video games have become terrible I can’t concentrate enough.