Zyprexa - dopey side effects?

Son started zyprexa 2.5 weeks ago and he seems to be acting a bit dopey/silly. Searches online showed some reports of zyprexa making people act dopey.
Wondering if anyone had experience with this and if the dopey behaviour improved?

He has gained weight as expected, but is not tired. He is almost a bit hyper when he takes the meds at night. Began with 10 mg then increased to 12.5 the last week.

I personally take zyprexa 20mg. I find it to be a good drug. Initially you can feel dopey but that wears off. Best of Luck with the med.


It made me feel squirrely by increasing the female hormone Prolactin and dulled my personality quit a bit so to make me feel like a zombie. I am on Risperadone 2mg a day and supplement with L-arginine and other amino acids to help boost my testosterone levels but I know very little about these things so I’m just trying things out that seem to work because I will start to have prostrate problems which usually indicates an enlarged prostrate due to increased testosterone. You really need to have this conversation with his doctor because feeling squirrelly is not what a young man needs to be.

I gained fifty pounds on zyprexa. Weird lucid dreams.messed up my cholesterol,triglycerides, and overall well being. Slept alot. Hey it may work for your son but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Zyprexa made me want to sleep. It also made me crave sugar. It can cause diabetes. It also made me mildly depressed. I lived in a grey world when I was on Zyprexa. It didn’t make me dopey, though.

i use 20 mg zyprexa for some years now.
when i first used it, it made me a bit numb/sleepy/dopey.

now i dont have that as much.

Everyone is different. I spent nearly a year half asleep on it. Apparently Abilify does not do this, but I am waiting to see when it kicks in.

Abilify made me so tired, knocked me out.

Yes everyone is different. My first AP was Chlorpromazine and it was hell. I just wanted to sleep all the time. When they first put me on Zyprexa I was tired for a while but it went after a few months. I have been on it nearly a decade and am doing very well but have put on weight which is a problem with this drug. I think I am very sane though which is the point isn’t it?

does it work for you?

it works mainly for the paranoid thinking.
not so much for the voices.