Zuclopenthixol (Clopixol) sedation

Does anyone else get sedation from this when a) on the first day to two after getting the depot and/or b) sedation that persists?

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seroquel 600mg gives me sedation…

600mg instant release at once, or XR?

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200mg/month along with risperidone maxed made me zoned out from sedation all day when I started it. I think it was the first day. Of course, I hadn’t had a good sleep in a while. 3 years ago as well.

The sedations weans as the level goes down over the week/s.

.I.R …I am doing good with seroquel … I run on TradeMill every day for 30 minutes and i also do deep breathing excercise every morning… I am Recovering Slowely…

I’m on 500 mg Clopixol every 3 week. 500 mg seroquel and 160 geodon. When I was on 400 mg Clopixol I sleept the whole day after the injection. Now I some times have problems sleeping at all. Beside of this I’ll just mention that I’ve had the depot for nearly a quarter of a century and that I’m very satisfied with the result

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