Zoned out my head is in a fog

I feel as if I am in a fog when I get out in public I zone out on everyone I mean everyone ignoring people a nd blocking everyone out is what I learned to do when I am feeling paranoid or upset about something does anyone else zone out like you really there having a blank look on your face I do this a lot it keeps me from getting hurt by other people made fun of I let it roll right off my shoulders or just not pay attention to what’s being said like I am deaf to what their saying it helps me to not burst into tears at times doing this I learned a long time ago to block people out when feeling threatened or attacked by others. Maybe my paranoia and anxiety is starting to return or maybe its just part of my mental illness I don’t know. So tired of people right now its not even funny just people in general when they smile at me I think their laughing at me and not trying to just be nice I am not used to people being nice to me usually I am ignored and people act like I don’t exist so I am acting like they don’t exist as well an eye for an eye a taste of their own medicine in other words ok now I am rambling just had to get that off my chest ok I am done now.


Seems like your saying you intentionally ignore others by kind of keeping yourself somewhat on the edge of a high anxiety level.

It is ok to ignore in public if that is as much as can be mustered. You are after all a person, who has to shop and do errands like the rest of the world.

Some people say they put their earphones on and use them with their phone or ipod to listen to music while shopping.

.Maybe you want to try that? It may help change at least the mood of the trip. People dont exspect socialization with earphones on either.

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Sure but I’m in that condition even when alone…


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