Zombie effect for 3 hours after taking the pill. can it go away with time?

ive already talked about this zombie effect of mine after taking my pills for 3 hours. but its the only negative thing in my med. I start to get better in the day. I even can think more in the day, less depressed and more normal that without meds… but you, how do you feel your med after taking it? do you feel it bad like me? I wish I hadn’t this side effect :/…

The side effects should get better in time. Most doctors say to wait six to eight weeks.

The pill that turned me into a zombie was clozaril. I hated it and getting the blood work done every week. What med are you on, if you don’t mind me asking?

I am on Zyprexa since 6 months ;). in the day I see my progress with it so I wouldn’t like to switch in fact. it s just the evenings after taking it which Is hard…

I’m on seroquel now. You’re right to not change it if the good outweighs the bad. I have heard good things about zyprexa but I have never tried it.

@Anna1 I was on Zyprexa for many years. Ask the doc about checking your sugar levels every so often. Zyprexa worked wonders for me as far a controlling the psychosis. I was even able to hold a job while I was on it. That was quite a few years ago. With a lot of the meds I was on they really affected me within an hour or so after taking the pills. I think my brain doesn’t really want to shut down and I get pain in my head and depression but I do eventually get to sleep. I feel a 1000 times better when I wake up,

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