Zolpidem for sleep —

Alright people so I’m dealing with terrible insomnia at the moment. I wake up after 2 or 3 hours after going to sleep and have vivid dreams and as soon it ends I end up waking up. This happens throughout the entire night where I’m half asleep half awake. My psychiatrist just switched me to zolpidem 5mg and she said that you can cut the pills in half as well. So I cut the pill in half yesterday and took 2.5mg and it didn’t have any effect. Today I plan to take 5mg and work my way up to see if it works which I’m hoping it does. Share you experiences and ideas about this medication and help me out.

I took ambien for insomnia for about a year.

It worked well getting me to sleep,

But didn’t work to keep me asleep through the night.

Sometimes I’d wake up three hours later wide wake.

I always get really bad hallucinations from Ambien (zolpidem). I can’t take any class 1 sedative sleeping pills at all.

I have 10 mg I break it in thirds an it works good.

I take Ambien CR 12.5 mg, which is the extended release tablet meant to keep you asleep all night. It works really well, but if I don’t go to sleep soon after taking it, I am a zombie and do weird things.

same here …

I took zolpidem once and hallucinated Bob Dylan lying on the floor of my bedroom. I also have a friend who sleep-drove on Ambien and woke up to the cops shining flashlights in his car. Stuff scares me. I can’t imagine it’s good for people who experience psychosis to begin with.

Same problem here… 10+ drugs 10+ supplements further I still suffer from the same issue, 2 years has past by…

Just thought I’d update this topic.

So I’ve been taking Zolpidem for about a good 2 weeks and even though it knocked me out I got severe daytime drowsiness and mood swings. I was taking 10mgs and it worked but the after - effects were bad so then I cut it down to 7.5mg and the effects weren’t as heavy but they were still there. So I’ve stopped taking it.

I took a Benadryl 50mg last night hoping it works and I was literally passed out and didn’t wake up once so it seemed to have worked. I’m still a little sleepy but it seems to be wearing off. But I had a good nights rest and feel good today. Hopefully I can figure this out soon. Thanks for all the information people you guys are awesome.

I had problems with zolpidem
Never gonna take that ■■■■