Zolpidem - experiences

Do you have positive or negative experiences with Zolpidem.? I got this medication from my gp to try to put me off the benzos and improve sleep. They stopped working anyway.

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Sleeping meds never worked for me so…good luck?

Also benzos are very addictive and deadly. So are sleeping pills. There are other things they can put you on besides benzs and sleeping pills if you’re trying to fix anxiety.


I’ve taken it a lot.

The good news is, it works great,

The bad news is, it’s just weird.

Sometimes if you don’t fall asleep fast enough you start feeling strange, not bad, just real weird,

And also the drug only works for about an hour.

So if you somehow manage to stay awake, its useless,

Or if you wake up three hours after you took it, the effect is totally gone.

Its not my fav, but its a solid option for sleep.

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I’m just having troubles to sleep. I have it since high school. And so long im off and on with benzos.

I guess it includes weird dreams? It says its hypnotic.

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I feel like the effect is similar to cannabis,

And I didn’t have weirder than usual dreams,

But my husband took it for a while too and he did.

And he had some super strange and vivid ones.

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That’s shitty. :confused:

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I think it’s ok , i like that it doesn’t effect me in the morning like Tylenol PM does. I really have no complaints ,does the job and it’s cheap.

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Shitty, indeed.

I say give it a go,

It could work super for you,

If not, you’ll know…

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Weird dreams are a usual thing with sleeping pills.

My AP’s give me way weirder dreams than sleeping pills.

Yeah that’s positive definitely. :slight_smile:
I hope it will work. I just can’t shut off my mind in the night. And i almost can’t remember how to do it naturally.

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You’ll have to give us an update in a few

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It works good but I take Lunesta. I have found that doctors don’t like to prescribe Ambien long term but I have been on Lunesta for years

U can try it @sarad …!!! Good luck

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Took it for over a year every night. Worked great. Youre not supposed to use it in the long term like that. It effects your memory and i noticed it. Switched to 200 mg doxepin- harmless antidepressant. Works almost nearly as well

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One time I went to bed and woke up and all my laundry was done. For me it’s a coin flip bc I’d wake up in the middle of the night and not remember anything I did.

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A little update. 3-rd day of taking zolpidem, 2-nd of being off the benzos. Two days without benzodiapem…■■■■ of course im getting some annoying whitdrawal. :confused: But i really want to get my mind as clean as it can be…
Zolpidem works so-so. It gives me sleep and also stupid vivid dreams, but i think i cannot really judge its effects because i constantly compare it to the benzo-effects. I need more time… I kind of missed that blurred state of carelessness which slowly transmits into dreamless sleep…
Zolpidem is just a raw sleep pill, it gives you nothing more or less than it.
I was never a fan of trying some healthy ways for my problems, including inomnia and anxiety.

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Sorry you’re suffering withdrawal,

I know that pain well.

Do you do yoga or exercise?

It sounds like a dumb thing, but seriously, yoga has helped me so much in getting off harmful drugs/meds.


I have never done yoga. I think i would just fall asleep :sweat_smile: Im such a peasant!