Zoloft. What were your experiences on it?

Is anyone on Zoloft. What were your experiences? I just started it. I’ve taken two days worth. I’m worried about constipation.

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For me it caused the exact opposite it made me go to the bathroom all day everyday I had to get off of it because of that

I dont remember having any issues with constipation on sertraline. I was on it for years.

Did it make u have less anxiety?


Yes. This was years ago , though. Im not on anything for anxiety or depression now.

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I think I tried it for a few days in 2019 but had sexual dysfunction so quit.

It made me space out for the first couple weeks. The after about 6 weeks I was feeling much better, depression wise

Zoloft was not bad for me. Made me a bit dreamy though, I think I prefer citalioram…which I take now.

I felt like a zombie on it.

I took Zoloft. It didn’t do the trick for me. But I didn’t have side effects either though.

None of the SSRI meds I tried helped me so my dr tried an SNRI. I take pristiq or desvenlafaxfine. It really helps my mood and maybe anxiety too but not sure.

My experience of Zoloft:

I was 32 years old and extremely depressed and absolutely Hell bent on killing myself. They started me on 100 mg of Zoloft. That did nothing. So they increased the dose to 150 mg. That did nothing. So they increased it further to 200 mg. Soon, I was so depressed and suicidal that I was thinking about killing myself, with plans, 24/7/52. 200mg is the max dose. I didn’t start feeling a bit better til I was off Zoloft and on Serzone. @Sheryl

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