Zoloft am ?or pm?

When do you prefer to take sertraline? Mornings? Evenings?

I go mornings with effexor. Most ssri’s are activating? Not sure but always found a bit more energy in the mornings and antipsychotic at night…that is usually pretty sedating to most so a kick in the mornings is good.

I take it in the morning. Along with abilify.

Try natural antidepressant supplements like phosphatidylserine, dmg etc if you don’t want to experience side effects in the long run like memory problems, sexual problems etc.

I take it at night time.

Mornings for me

When I used to take it I took it in the morning.

I take Zoloft at night-- it knocks me out so it’s best for me to take it before bed.

Zoloft is activating and energizing as it increases dopamine. Its usually advised to be taken in the morning or afternoon.

You can try divided dosing as well.

Some people find it hard to sleep if taken at bedtime. You might feel wired like as if u have taken multiple cups of coffee.