Zocor for negative symptoms? Anyone?


I’m suffering from brain inflammation, if its caused by lyme or depression infection disease i don’t know

I just emailed my doctor and ask if I could try it? dose is 40 mg please check the link

Interesting. Let us know how it goes.


Yes it’s hopefull :slight_smile:

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I’m being hammered by negatives and I’m getting a bit desperate.

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I know that feeling…

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Yes the negatives are very very disabling aswell

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Currently taking Hibiscus tea and Amyloban 3399(lion’s mane) which are supposed raise HDL

Every appointment I have with pdoc I tell her about the severe negative symptoms (ex. No motivation). She looks around on her computer and never comes up with anything to try. I think many of the meds interact in a bad way with my Clozapine. :sob::sob::sob:

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I’ve tried clozapine too slept for 6 months, could barely walk. zombie all the time, not good medicine and they say lol its the gold standard for negative symptoms loooooool

I also had swallowing problems and they didn’t monitor my white blood cell count during 6 months

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