Zeus doesn't like me anymore

I don’t want to fart the wrong way. I don’t care. Then he said he’d be back in while. Idk

Who is Zeus?


God of thunder.



Thought maybe you were talking about one of your cats or something.


King of the Gods. Ruler of Mt. Olympus.

Your farts are thunderous? I don’t follow…

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The pills have destroyed my brain . I speak gibberish.

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@roxanna: I didn’t mean to be judgmental. It’s fine not to be coherent, I’m not most of the time. Hope you’re feeling ok.

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Zeus is just a legendary figure. He never existed.

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I’m okay. I was being silly I guess. :blush::cloud:

I had similar delusions. Felt like Zeus or God from the old testament.

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Who knows? I have some experience suggesting that some gods, including Wotan (Odin), exist.


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The last time I used the word “God” on this site I was flagged and suppressed.

Zeus never liked me. Hera thinks I’m pretty cool though.

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