Zero sleep last night

I live near a road and city workers started chopping down trees along the road at about 9pm. They were still at it at 5am. I hope they don’t come back this evening.

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How annoying
I hope you catch up on your sleep tonight get a bit of peace and quiet

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Thanks. Yes that would be nice. I haven’t been out today. When I lose sleep I feel out of sorts and don’t want to do anything or show myself. But tomorrow is another day :slight_smile:

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man, there should be noise police called…they have that here.

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If it were a private party doing it I would probably call the police or something, but it appeared to be the citys own workers. Probably chopping late at night to avoid traffic problems. But still…I wish they could have spread it out over 2-3 days so they weren’t at it until 5am. I bet I wasn’t the only one in the neighbourhood who didn’t sleep.


It’s soon 10pm here and now they are back. I really hope they are not going to pull another all nighter. I guess I might have to dig out some earplugs although I really dislike wearing them to bed because I don’t sleep very well with them either. I just hope I get a little sleep tonight at least.


I may be imagining this…but I’m pretty sure they are playing “You shook me all night long” by ACDC coming out of their car. Jk :blush: