Zeldox and some questions

Hello people !

I am on theraphy for 5 years, after may second crisis.
I was on solian 400 mg, I havent go voices, but I have depression and my body is changed.
My doctors gave to me Zeldox 40mg, two pils per day.
He told me that this pil will reduce my body change.

Can you share expirience with Zeldox?

Any information will be helpfull for me.

Thank you, very much

Welcome to the forum @mariyanrussev

I believe that seldom is known in the the states as Geodon. I have been on Geodon for a while now. So far I have lost some weight ten pounds and have regained my energy after the first two weeks of just sleeping. I take mine all at night. But I sleep well! Good luck!

Zeldox (known in the US as Geodon) is a moderately effective medication. Doses range from 20-160 mg a day. It MUST be taken with a full meal, as it is highly lipid-bound. Eat a meal of 400+ calories and you’l be fine. Good luck!

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