You've got to lose before you know how to win

And Aerosmith don’t lie. Losing my whole life makes my victories that much sweeter, And that’s victories with a capital “V” and especially over “normies”. I didn’t win crap when I was growing up. I mean I won at our sports sometimes but I didn’t have a sharp tongue, I was strong and got in fights but I usually lost. You have to lose to know how to win. And by losing I learned some things and I got a few punches in myself when I got in fights.

When I worked at Sears for four years I started out as nothing special. I started at age 33 and I was thrown in with the truck unloading crew most of who were in their teens or twenties. I did OK, nothing special but after two months something clicked and I turned on the afterburners and fired up the turbo charger and I started working harder and faster than just about everybody else there.

There were other good workers but soon I was getting compliments for my work from sales people and other people. I mean compliments steadily, on a regular basis. For some reason I worked my ass off and the rest of the crew were mostly jerks I thought at the time and I rarely got compliments from t them but I didn’t need them anyways because it was obvious to everyone in the stockroom that I outshone most of them. I had people who liked my work but even they used to tell me to slow down and don’t work so hard.

But I was driven. I loved working hard there and I loved lifting heavy things. It was a challenge, and I gave it my all. Anyways, I digressed. I guess by beating those guys at their own game I struck a blow for us schizophrenics.

But I had fun at Sears and learned how to drive a forklift and and at Christmas Sears gave out small complimentary boxes of chocolate to customers. They bought them in bulk and we had like 25 large cartons with maybe 15 smaller boxes packed inside and a co-worker stole a whole box for the rest of the crew so we had chocolates for a few weeks. And we used to take turns buying large cokes for everybody. So one day someone would buy cokes for everybody and then the next day another guy would buy cokes for everybody.

But I just go along and try to get along with people and talk to people and they seem to like it. A pretty girl at the place I get my blood drawn was really friendly to me today. I was kind of flirting in my own way in the first 15 seconds of the conversation but I looked at her closer and she was only 30 to 35 and so I shifted gears and just talked for the sake of talking and I could tell she was an interesting person.

I said this before, other people are great because they will give you an honest fair chance to be friendly and talk. I find this true time after time. I guess this a good place to end.

Or is it just the beginning?..Cue the Twilight Zone theme intro.


I worked at a drug store. Got held up with a knife. To throat and stomach. Sick since thirteen. Fdup in early 2001. They never did look for the guy… I moved on got worse now in the worthless existence of a bs disorder. Learned to leave half sibs alone not so much as idgaf that’s my dad’s past.

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That’s :sunglasses: cool. I’ve been a hard worker all my life too. I continue to work hard at what I have. I don’t do what the norms do but what I do do I bust my butt doing. Raising kids is hard even harder with an illness and like most people know the older they get the more challenging it will become and my illness does not let up. But I can say that I’m thankful for my kids and because of them I have learned a lot grew a lot and I’m literally never alone.


I’ve lost everything in my life, my husband, my child, my career, my gf’s. But, in my older years, I am finally winning. I can say I’m happy today where I never was before.


I agree…getting sz is loosing your life and it was hard even for me cause im good at everything…even living after your life got stolen. Its really hard. But there is no point crying for something you lost.

Awesome story man

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