Youtube is a go?!

Update…i checked my inbox on my ps4…i got 4 pieces of fan mail…i never had fan mail before…its all little kids i think… but i made those videos for my little kid…the little kids said they liked my dont starve videos and wanted more…i feel oddly proud of this…so just felt like sharing something that made me feel good…i guess im going to make alot more…even if its just for those 4 little kids and my little one…

I kinda needed something nice after the incident this morning…


Wow, you’re a celebrity!

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Good for you!! :smile: I was thinking of making a personal YouTube about life and stuff but as a perfectionist, it’s always diffilcult to start :anguished:

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Wow!!! Congrats maaan


Yea want to do the same…but that means i have to write a script and do serious editing…the style of video now is short and its just me playing the game for 1 to 11 minutes…very small amounts of editing…mostly just chopping off loading screens and the boring bits…no script…and no voice overs…

Lol my 4 little kid following…lol

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Awww! That’s cute. It’s always nice to get positive feedback. We can refer to your young followers as Flamelets :blush:


Yeah I know what you mean. Maybe some day I’ll get my camera and lights! :slight_smile: In the meantime, enjoy making little fans laugh! :hatching_chick:

If i can get a following and more exp and make a few friends id like to make a secondary channel focused on shedding a little light on our sz issues in a humorous and positive way…but thats all wishful thinking right now…4 little kids that enjoy my very amateur gameplays is cool…

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That’s great @flameoftherhine! You’re a superstar!

No no lol. Soon if the gods smile upon this endeavour…my kids just made 2 funny horse vs fire videos…you cant burn. Them but it makes them kick…like i said though its for the kids…my oldest wants to show his friends…its just fun right now lol…but if it entertains lots of kids from the 2 to 10 range without cussing im cool with that…

2 Likes latest video…it makes my kids laugh and their friends so whatever they like it…and its fun to do…its why video games take me forever…im like ooh a piece of candy lets go over there…