Youtube bug

Do you guys have it too? It doesn’t show the video, only the audio.

I’ve been getting that too on some but not all videos.

Same here, although today has been on all videos.

Nah its cool here

I can see them embebed but not on youtube

Weird :/. No problems here.
@nerds calling :telephone:

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I had 3 videos work fine and then the black screen. Googling it seems to have been reported as a problem as far back as 2011(from the admittedly brief search I did)

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Weird. And they don’t intend on fixing the bug? It’s the first time I’ve had it.

Not sure if any of this will work. I deleted youtube cookies from my firefox browser and a video worked that previously had shown a black screen. Could just be coincidence though.

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I’ll try it out, thank you

Do you use the latest version of chrome? I’m going to try on firefox

Failure alert. Back to black screen.

It works fine on firefox for me

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