You're the one πŸ˜‡

Not you reading this.

I am at my doc. I asked about modafinil, he told me i do not need it. I told him i am taking l theanine, he did not know what it is. He is glad though it is helping me. We decreased the morning dose back to 20 mg .

I got on a waiting list to discuss having kids with a physician. I asked if he has/had any pregnant patients, he said yes many. :upside_down_face: Who knows. Worth discussing.

New york here i come !!!


pretty nails, pretty rings and lovely shoes…


I am glad things are getting better… i noticed you not here as much ?

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awwww click bait, I thought I was special :sob:


I thought I was the one…

Excited for nothing lol


Good to see you’re feeling better today, @mermaid1 :slight_smile:

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Loving the nails!

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He said you don’t need modafinil? Did he give a reason?

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No i did not ask

.u are pretty karen…and u are functional …and ur lucky

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