"You're takin us to Europe

That’s basically how that relationship ened and how flashing a necklass got our little wittness out of the drik, and ito a psychiatrist’s rapist’s den (sorry couldn’t help it) and into a frontla lobe lobotomy. But you know what? I’d been through it with this guy, way worse, and they just kept sending those people ( I guess what the inhuman world calls triggers) to the farm, regardlesss how it mmakes me feel or if it triggeres anything.]]]]]]

Someday…I will lay my flowers and pour out my share of “two buck chuck upon your grave” and those of others who took their lives before their time.


It was a suicide, just don’t like let that dude out (the one of 2 you corupt bastards brought down.

You ok @mussel? That didn’t make too much sense.

I’m actualyy quite good…just good enough to be beyond making sense of the serious stuff I’ll be committing to the annals of history in my old age. The best hisotorians hung around the lowest establishments acquiring tales of dubious but far more interesting nature thasn the writiers wrote what they wrote for money worth $8 a ream in our days,’’’’

Aye, I’m good, aiming for better and shaor shooting for all chaos comes crashing,

But no one got anything worth mentioning without the virtue of patience.

Ghosts, time travlers, sky pirates and scapegoats…)use it(

Just out of curiosity, have you been drinking or using drugs?

nope :smile:

nothing more than the great state of maines medical marijuanas, the great state of new hampshires liqour stores and the great state of being much younger than I’s loving kindness

So basiclly, yes! I have

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Repeating this for the second time inside of an hour:


Please don’t post here when you’re high or drunk. It just causes problems and concern for other users.


(Wearing moderator hat)

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