You're pamahán

And because you’re pamahán,
everything happens in that way

Oh God, show mercy upon me

“the injection is humiliation”

“the sunbeams are knives”

“sun inserts thoughts in your mind”

“do not dare to walk
we will cut your feet off”

I feel like ■■■■.
Depression, voices, bad mood

What’s pamahan?

I have no idea.
But they repeat it

I think it’s a nonsense word…couldn’t find anything in the search engines. Wouldn’t worry about it since it’s nonsense.

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Maybe it has a meaning in other language?
Mesahá is the spiritual abode of mine, voices told me and @Loke told me that it means space in Arabic


I dunno …maybe but if your voices said it they shouldn’t know any more than you do…so I wouldn’t think it would be in another language. I suppose you can try to find out.

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How are you today?
Any symptoms?

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I’m ok. No positives. Just low ambition.

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You re lucky and blessed. Be thankful :crazy_face:

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Thanks @Om_Sadasiva , I’ll try to be.

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“you need to die,
what does tv say about it?”

I took my noon meds, and also a benzo

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Guys i am out of my mind.
Out of my body.
Out of reality.
I dont know if it can be described

Maybe take a nap and refresh?

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