Your weirdest delusion?

My weirdest delusion was last year. I thought someone was gonna come kill me on 3 different dates and that the only way to keep the “shadow” people away was to hurt myself or kill myself. Right now I believe someone is following my hand tracks and the only way to keep them from coming is to scar or burn my hands so the prints cant be detected. I’m scared though because its hard to and they’re getting closer. I also can’t touch anyone with my hands or they’ll get all my secrets and memories.

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Hi welcome to the forum. Where r u from?

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My weirdest delusion is that I have computer program in my brain. Also that somebody want to program me more because every night opens more free space in my mind.

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Are you seeing a psychiatrist? These are very serious symptoms. :cold_sweat:

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I always struggle not to believe that the things I see are not from another dimension or quantum reality

Welcome. Have you told a pdoc (psychiatrist) about this yet?

Our brains can actually be trained to react to curtain frequencies stimulating certain areas

when I was quite young I had a very vidid nightmare about when I looked into a mirror 1 time, I couldn’t touch the ground or else I would die, when I looked into a mirror 2 times, my face was badly disfigured and had giant skin bubbles all over it. When I looked into the mirror the third time I died. I couldn’t look into any mirrors for at least a year after that. I was quite young though (around 5 or 6) so I’m not sure if this would be considered a delusion. I still remember the dream so well, it was a demon that told me the rules about the mirror, but no matter how hard I tried not to look I ended up doing it anyways. Months past in that dream too. Really weird. Maybe it was my subconscious predicting my vanity lol. :sweat_smile:

The weirdest delusion i had was when i thought an episode of South Park actually happened

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Something similar happened to me with South Park as well! When Cartman and his girlfriend are at McDonald’s and they talk about dipping their fries into sweet and sour sauce I completely freaked out and thought that the tv was stealing my thoughts and my identity and using it to try and somehow brainwash me subliminally. Seems dumb now since dipping fries into sweet and sour sauce is probably quite common among the general population., it sounds like you are really struggling right now. Do you see a doctor currently? If so, you should tell them about your delusions.

It seems like you know your delusions aren’t real, but you can’t stop acting on them anyways. It is so important hat you get real, professional help for this problem. It will only get worse without treatment.


Probably that I was a werewolf (part dragon) princess bounty hunter that’s species were aliens that had come to earth from another solar system and colonized it at the time of the dinosaurs and then later retreated into the shadows when mankind took over in order to respect the natural order of our new planet

Believed that for 8 years, it started simple and got really really complex

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that captain beefheart was communicating with me from the underworld through his moustache. I had a telepathical communication with the world of the dead.
that all neighbours are agents and nothing is real.
that my dizziness was caused by bugs/implants in my head.


I had similar with that all people around me are from this world now also have delusion about that everything I see feel hear imagine is recorded in secret data bases

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I see and feel rats in my house. Also every night a train speeds by my bed. I’m terrifieď of trains.

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Last night I was convinced I had to hurt myself so some angels would come and pick me up.
I didn’t want to hurt myself so I cried for a while waiting to see if the angels would still come anyway. They didn’t.

I used to be convinced that my main voice was the voice of a twin I’d had, and that I’d absorbed her in the womb. I also believed that she controlled the left side of me, especially my left arm, and that she and the other voices would take over control of me from time to time. Like in that show, “United states of Tara”.
But it all went away after I went on the right medicines.

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