Your voices?

I get "stupid b*tch a lot. Also “worthless, fat, kill yourself”. What about you guys?

Oh yeah same. Stupid bch, little brat, whore, slt, beast, etc. On and on about how I’m “poorly behaved” as well. It can really get to you, especially if you’re not in so good an emotional place to begin with. I tend to shrug it off if I’m doing well.

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I don’t know why, but when they start in, I can’t focus on anything else!

Yeah, I think that’s because they can dig in on huge insecurities. I dealt with sexual abuse during my psychosis and many of those things were said to me often during so I used to be extremely hung up on and upset by what they say as well. But over time as I worked a lot on my ptsd and desensitizing myself to triggers I learned to just say “Hmm well I don’t think that about myself.” Or “lol ok” Just words…

Wow, how did you desensitize yourself? I’d be really interested to know how to not have to react to everything they say.

A lot of it has to do with working on your self esteem. Years of therapy and intensive self work mixed with loving and supportive family and friends who built me back up.

Several different types of therapy (CBT, DBT, etc.) as well as meditation will teach you how to observe thoughts and feelings and then let them go, without falling into the pit they may create.

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I’ve been thinking of starting doing yoga as a mind body exercise. I’m told it really works!

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Sure, do mindfulness or meditation yoga. It was very helpful to me and incredibly relaxing as well! I used to do it weekly and it was one of the major things that helped me get through the week because it was a place I could just be quiet and still.

Wow. I get stupid bitch alot too. I keep a blog about my voices. Literally always begins with stupid bitch. I feel less alone now that you told me that. Thank you for that.

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the worst name caller is devon and Rebecca. devon cusses at me and tells me to kill myself. Rebecca mainly focuses on how I look.

I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t know the name of the one who is meanest to me, but it’s a girl’s voice. I’ve been at my wit’s end for a while and will try just about anything to make it stop.