Your top movie themes

Just as the title says. I will get us started with a cover version of one of my favourites.

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This is my absolute favorite movie theme song.

Flash Gordon by Queen


One of my favourites.

Poor judgement on part of the old man, he makes the daughters pay for someone else’s crimes, and after changing his mind then some other guy pays for it but only after giving them away to be sex slaves.

The music really does well at portraying the despair, broken bones, and burning flesh.

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I absolutely love this song, Natalie Imbruglia has the perfect voice for it. I also love the movie itself with Patricia Arquette , she’s one of my favorite actresses It’s from the Sci-fi/horror movie Stigmata.

“How soon is now” from The Craft

i remember watching this movie, so much death and for what ?
great movie though.
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