Your time.............?


This is so true. :ant::ant::ant:

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when i see truth i love it GB

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We spent so much time here. We give the greatest gift.


its true though time spent in real life pays off

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:heart:hearts* time is a gift. Not only to give your time but when someone cares to give you theirs. This was really positive.

I plan to give my time through volunteering in the future. If my workload allows it.

Something that I’m passionate about, a good cause. Would be frkkn awesome to meet like minded people

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I don’t give time, but I do give money to different causes that I like. Lately I’ve been donating to Feeding America. I have been holding off in my donations lately because I have two cats I need to get spayed. After I do that I will resume my donating to worthy causes.

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