Your thought on "Remission"


I just thought of an idea that i will use it…
When a person goes into remission, i think is because some undiscovered neurotransmitter elevates or decreases, that means his doing something right, maybe certain food along with many things. If that person continues to eat and do the same things, he might cure his illness,

I think when a person goes into remission, when that neurotransmitter elevates or reduces it goes border of normal range, so we need years of that right life style so that the neurotransmitter will rise, or decrease to a optimum range.
As an example when someone experiencing depression and is given antidepressent, that person will take months or years untill his serotonin goes back to normal, and thats with medication. With food we need 10x more time.

Just a thought


personally i think that is what is happening to me…something that was not working very well in my mind, is now working .
take care :alien:


i’m in remission 3 years, ive risen above all problems. i feel well everyday. ive found inner peace. i can take on this life!!


Remission doesn’t mean much to me. Compliance to remission though is
Aka , not resorting back to drugs an alcohol is another thing