Your the master

It may seem like the voices have control ove you, but you actually are their master. You have the right to command them to do what you will. And they realize they are in the tight spot, so they pretend that they are the masters. No, you are the master of yourself. They are no gods. You are free. Do not let them make you think your not in control.


I am the slave and I am the master. the deed is done but the debt is unpaid…


It’s brain chemistry and it’s no fun.

It focks up your life and it makes you think many mad things!

It just is. It’s not rocket science but the thing that is holding you back is what is keeping you in the game so to speak…

Periods of psychosis and depression are most likely brain damage…You don’t wish that on anyone!

Keep it simple and keep in control and medications help that.!

A friend in the struggle,


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Could someone explain to me what this means?

See if you can do stuff to them if they’re annoying you. I recommend burring, throwing them out into space, sticking them in a lava pit with a cover so they can’t get out. Maybe first just try to move them around and see what happens. Use your imagination. Throw them in a black hole if you can. Works for me sometimes

You’re the master of the game. ;D


Your brain is in control and that is the thing that is affected by schizophrenia. It’s hard because it affects all your decisions but it is what it is. Listen to your treatment team and take the meds. It’s the proven way to have some success.

Hope that is clearer.


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When you find your servant is your master,
then you know that you will have disaster.
(Stuff my hallucinations used to tell me.)

I really liked this… it’s true