Your recovery

it was slow or fast? i have a friend schizo who felt better on the firts day after trying abilify. ebe its not my case… i hope haldol helps me,i hope its a good med also

When I first got sick when I was 19 I was given HEAVY doses of medication in the hospital for 8 months and showed little or no improvement. Once I got out and I was in a group home, I slowly started to get stable when they lowered my medication. This was 1983. A year later I was thinking I would never be hospitalized again. But I relapsed in 1989 even though I was on meds and had to be hospitalized. A year later I was relatively stable again and I haven’t been hospitalized since 1990.

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great to hear that… i am tired from this illness. what a hell,the others seem not to know what we re going through. i dont have a lot of medications right now, but i smoke 2 packets per day plus i dont eat well still(i stopped eating well on clozapine)…

I like to think of recovery as an ongoing process. Everyone’s experience might be different. Feeling better after the first day isn’t the norm I don’t think, my pdoc/therapist told me those drugs can take 2-4 weeks to become fully effective. So don’t give up hope!

Also cool to have another Anna on here :smiley: heh

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ok,ill wait. i am too afraid to suicide myself. i tried once with electricity and it was really painfull. yep,we re both annas :slight_smile: take care

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It took me months for the meds to work, but they’re working now. I agree that recovery is an ongoing process also.

oh minnie,thank you for the answer. you re a real beauty i saw your photo :slight_smile: me i am not as i was before. but i am sick still adolescent so i never was fine,i had trouble of taking care of myself as a real girlie shoud be :slight_smile:

Aw, thank you for the compliment. I’m sure you are beautiful, I also saw your photo. And you will grow to be a beautiful woman for sure, don’t sell yourself short.

I’m off for the day, goodnight!

Recovery for me has been a long process…

Some parts have happened pretty fast… like when my doc finally got me on a good med combo… it seemed like things went pretty fast.

But getting the coping skills and confidence took a little more time…

Be patient with yourself. Good luck.

I am an emotional wreck on prescription drugs. When off drugs, I am emotionally sound, experience less physical exhaust & duress, and recover faster.

About half of all people with SZ discontinue drug therapy. I think I have to join that group, because the side effects are worse than my symptoms and the symptoms aren’t even going away.

i dont know who i am anymore… probably i am desperate that’s all :frowning:

oh i am sorry,its not really encouragating… yes,i feel like a junkie sometimes on all this medcs :confused:

i am really counting on meds… maybe i am too naive,its a serious illness and i am not sure that one pill can help this…