Your postings: Serial or Episodic?

Mine have been extremely Serial… and maybe that is why I oscillate on anonymizing my post history a lot.

Character arcs are groovy to me. We’ve beaten in to ourselves these trying times that stories are good, too.

Anyone have any thoughts on these matters?

Maybe we all do this… for me it starts out as a thought that I want to reward loyalty? That’s actually a big business term which is calming to me.

I like to treat the ‘homegamers ‘.

I ‘cut bone’ today; ie- spoke with a lot of meaning and that’s why I can’t make it in a work environment!

If I ever try again it’ll be on Main Street and certainly not Wall Street.

I am a serial poster as well. I don’t think that i have to hide into anonymity for my posts. Dunno, noone is perfect, i am a scizo. When my posts are offensive i get flagged and not imprisonment.:thinking:

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I appreciate your two cents. LOST was a good show. On the other side of the spectrum may be a show like CSI, MacGyver, Quantum Leap, 21 Jump Street?

Nowadays I’m able to take in a show called ‘Evil’, I like the lead actress’s repetoire(sp) of expressions…

I guess most shows, and people are a mixture.

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Someones poem or impression of evil.


I think mine are mainly annoying.

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“Evil” is just a title, it deals deeply with the whole “Man of Science; Man of Faith” [LOST episode], between Jack Shepard and John Locke.

Only here it is romantic friction, and it’s also a bi-racial relationship.

There’s only one season out there, season 2 has been paused due to COVID.

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I am not into movies anymore. I seen so many movies and tv that the stories became repetitive and i lost interest.

I’ve come around to your posts 180 degrees…

I thought, you thought, I was bad news. Based on you’re first post to me about putting [human scumbags[emphasis added by me] “into a woodchipper feet first.”

I was Dollar Menu at the time, and to use a generic term, I guess I was triggered, or just paranoid, that some of me was included in that colorful comment… !!

I like Serial. Honey Bunches of Oates are my favorite.


I post the same stuff everyday on Say Anything in the same order and same theme. It helps to see my thoughts written down.


Hall & Oates: She’s Gone.

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