Your light

Sometimes you need help and support to shine your brightest . If you don’t get that,are just seen as a problem,your light hardly shines at all.


Thank you for your insight. I feel the same way now in my life (off this website.) I never talk about my mental illness stuff with most people and my mental illness has been worse since Coronavirus. I think people don’t cut me enough slack. I don’t talk to them about my mental illness problems because it is taboo and they wouldn’t understand anyway.

I’ve always said

“The more help you need the less you get. The less help you need the more you get.”

That’s why I always try to act like I don’t need help in real life now.

Things are better here. My stepdaughter and granddaughters have given me very good support. I’m not self neglecting as I was before . It doesn’t make up for the years of being seen as a problem patient, rather than someone who needed proper help and support, but the light shines brighter because of them.

As Elton John sang “I’m still standing after all this time” . Some never made it that far . I’m reluctant to call myself a ‘survivor’ because that’s been hijacked by the kind of people we rightly shouldn’t talk about here .

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