Your latest road rage post


Got pulled over today:

They gave me a break. Made a left in a construction zone. Wasted 15-20 minutes. Probably would have cost me 100$ plus.

Lucky. You always could have gone to traffic school.

whats that? ehhhhhhhhhhhhh?

I have never got any traffic tickets even though I lived in my auto over two years in America, once when I traveled in Portugal I and my former US spouse parked a rental car in one place in Lisbon and there was a guy, Nelson, who told he would look after the car while we were in a restaurant, but he did not and we got a parking ticket. Decided to go to a police station in Lisbon to pay this ticket, took a real effort to find a police station, but we paid the ticket.

Once I was in the rain forest town in Venezuela and again somebody had stolen the license plates of a rental car, we went to a local police station to file a complaint. A police man just told to continue our trip without worries and so we continued.

Well here in California, for some moving violations they will hold a class that violaters can attend. It usually lasts three or four hours and if you attend (and pass!) they will expunge the violation off of your driving record.
I hope you’re not going to ask me what a driving record is, lol.
They usually hold the class on a weekend at a local high school and the class holds about thirty people. The instructor tries to teach you about driving laws, shows you films, and gives you quizzes. I’ve gone three times.

What is a driving record? lol

I have never heard about that. I have been in California just twice, both times when I lived in my auto, once I was in West Hollywood and had planned to park my auto in the front of one Orthodox Russian Jewish temple in one evening because it was peaceful there, but then a police man drove there and told I could not stay there, and so I drove my auto to the black neighborhood of Los Angeles and stayed there for one night.

There are times I’m driving to work at 6:00 a.m.

It really ticks me off when at 6:00 a.m. on a Sunday… I’m in the slow lane… going a bit over the speed limit and someone is still tailgateing me…

That hits a switch… the rest of the 5 lane road is empty… go around.