Your idea of a perfect date

A question inspired by @Twialine. My perfect date is a meal on a balcony overlooking the beach at sunset. I like it when I get picked up from home and given flowers.

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Honestly doesn’t matter as long as it involves lots of wine…and privacy. Even though iquit drankin, that’s my idea of a perfect date.

In the middle of the woods on a balcony on a house in the middle of nowhere.

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A few rounds of laser tag followed by air hockey and arcade games. We use our tickets to buy a Chinese finger trap and candy. After that, we do hand stuff in the parking lot.

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My first date with my fiancé was my idea of perfect. We went to eat at a BBQ place and we both ate super messy and talked with our mouths full and laughed together. We talked about video games and music and what the hell was Hitler thinking with that stupid mustache/side parted hair combo and a whole bunch of other really stupid things. Then we went back to my house and played video games for a bit. Then I dropped him off at his house at midnight and we sat in the car in his driveway and talked for an hour and the night ended with us having sex in the back of my car and it was the first time either of us had had sex on a first date but we just trusted each other so completely so fast and now here we are :slight_smile: I couldn’t imagine a more perfect date than ours if I tried


what the hell was he thinking, among other things.


Haha we talk about what the hell was wrong with Hitler a lot. Still do! Whenever I’m sad or if my SZ is acting up, he distracts me by bringing me some water and asking me “So Sarah…what was Hitler thinking when he grew that mustache and side parted his hair?” And it always makes me laugh and helps me to relax. I know that sounds like a really stupid way to deal with SZ symptoms but for some reason it always helps me. I think because it’s our joke that we share and it helps me focus on him and not whatever is upsetting me


I like the ones with the pits already taken out and then covered in sugar.


I’m somewhat open to what we may do.

The thing that might make it perfect could be how one is n feels with for each other.
Eye contact,sexual chemistry,mutual attraction,being able to hang out n feel comfortable together ,being able have laugh together and not have to talk all time but feel comfortable anyway and not hold difficultit complicated conversation if one can’t then that’s ok one can communicate in other ways.

Dance lesson together could be nice.
Or just a coffee n a walk.
Morning time n it can lead to lunch together.

If he suprised me with some thing or darling experience that wod be delight I think.
Imagination and thoughtfulness I can loooooove.:gift_heart:

I rather not dinner first date cause it can be so complicated n expectations of intellectual conversations which I can’t hold in person with my symptoms etc.

I want pretty casual or I don’t want to get to dressed up cause I’m not good at it.
Unless they dress me up in nice way I approve of which isn’t realistic I think.

A dip might be nice too.

The main thing is we can make connection n feel good with n bout each other etc

I would want us to kiss and with good saliva and I want the kisses to be passionate and awesome yet playful n loving I think n probably a turn on n arousing n awakening aswell.

I would like him to touch me like hold my hand etc

I may like to wait with sex a few dates at least .
Also I have herpes I have to inform him of.
Actually my dr says you don’t have to cause most people have cold sores n not saying is not illegal but I might tell him anyway.

I want for us to be super aroused by each other n love touching n barely able keep hands of each other etc.

I don’t expect be given flowers etc but it can be nice gesture not sure if it’s old fashion .
Most men I’ve met don’t give flowers or gifts of maybe depends who the gal is…
I d brought gift for men too like something baked orzo

Things can go quickly .
I rather that n we in relationship.

I rather meet him out but I’m not sure if I ask man out…
Dating site doesn’t feel right for me somehow.

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I think laughing together is important to make date good.

I’m not saying perfect cause perfect that I’ve experienced on spiritual level perhaps with nature n spacey n etc

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Probably something simple like fish and chips along the river foreshore.

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Something simple sounds good to me too.

It’s more how one gets along,connects etc that’s important to me.

I love the idea of our animals n nature being together such as our birds,fish,nature etc

I also digg the thought of coming together in spirit n in other species first n then connecting n making love n maybe even breeding n then meeting with this body of who I am etc

Before we meet in person I want our spirits be together n hang out n then feel his spirit n energy maybe visit me in my room but in a non scary way.for me anyway.:blush:
His spirit can visit me daily n I can feel him in my body n he can be feelin me too n we love feeling each other etc n then meet in person for date n it can be simple date like a coffee n walk.
Flowers can make things wierd sometimes so just the coffee enough really.
We could have lunch if we want keep hanging out all day.

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Usually we go for a walk somewhere nice and then get Thai food. It’s been awhile since I did something cheesy like a scavenger hunt. I gotta do something like that again.

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a 10 blanket snug and a cup of hot chocolate :blush:

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A walk or bike ride through town with eyes looking down, hoping to score something free off the ground.
Not that kind of stuff that makes your head silly, but bits of metal pieces and shiny bright things.
We’d take our finds back to the workbench, and plan and attempt, to make something new with it all, something called art.
It wouldn’t matter who cared for our stuff, as long as it was our love, that was clearly enough.

The cups and the snacks, all the time that it lacks, for the sake of a yummy snack, a cup of coffee, make tracks, and the world could really just kiss our A55.

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