Your goals and ur comfort zone

Goals and feeling comfortable is a must. We must drop bad relationships to feel comfortable again. Why do we latch onto negativity. If u know ur dealing with a person that will bring you down but are in some way maintaining a connection that is detrimental to yourself. Maybe the excuse is because u don’t have any other girlfriend. I think when you clear out negative people you allow yourself to focus and achieve your top priority goal. Less stress. Better sleep at night. I’m not saying it’s good to isolate just be your own master when dealing with your relationships. Having just one thing to focus on is better than having multiple drama. Effecting your time your health and the person u wish to become. If you are single it’s not hard nowadays to find a date. But have dignity don’t let a woman’s drinking problem affect u dump her be you. Especially be wary if there are any baby daddy involved with a woman of interest. It’s not even worth it then. You will get ur feelings hurt if you try to persist. And these baby daddy types are full blown crazy. Even though they hate each other it’s the kids that still attach the two even tho the two might not like one another anymore. You’ll know ur girl when u see her. Everything will be right like god put it together. But be careful if u wish to pursue her because that opens yet another relationship you might not be healthy for.

I asked this woman at the gym to go out for a walk or a jog. But she stated that was sweet of me but she said she was dating another guy at the gym. She said she adored him, I cracked a joke and told her that she’d adore me more. Anyway she told the guy and he had his friend confront me. I told them I didn’t know she was attached. It’s not like she had her boyfriends name written on her head. But they tried to bully me i stood my ground and eventually it settled but I will never go to gym same time they do. I had to change my schedule.


comfort zone must be pushed steadily to achieve goals, i find

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Hi Mortimer I met a guy in the gym named Clifton sort of reminded me of u. But the only difference was he wasn’t a power lifter but an Olympic lifter.

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Did you tell him what that girl told you? Good thing she said no to you. She sounds nuts.

I’ve been trying to think of the balance between my goals and my comfort zone. I’ve been pushing myself to do a lot more and I don’t think I’ve been feeling “in my comfort zone” for over a month now. I don’t want to go back to who I was. But if I don’t cool it somehow, it might just happen.

My goals seem so tiny. Just live and take care of myself and be Ok. It’s not that much. I’m not trying to change the world or become a mogul. I’m just trying to get through my day as smoothly as possible. It shouldn’t be so hard. I shouldn’t loose it and hurt others around me so much.

I agree, there has to be some constant push, but I think I pushed too hard and too much. I’m feeling a bit out there with no zone boundaries.

olympic lifters, powerlifters and crossfit people all hate each other

I saw my old krav maga classmate because he was friends with a girl i was seeing, and he said some ■■■■■■■■ about how strong his legs are from kettlebell swings.

Right…kettlebells weigh like 30lbs, I can squat over twice my weight five times easily.
I bet his spine would break if he tried what I do, and he weighs over 200

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Yeah the dude who claimed this girl I asked out couldn’t even approach me face to face. He had his buddy do it for him and these two guys are the biggest in the gym talking 405 bench press dudes. But I could tell they were insecure with em selves. I told him to get off the bench he was sitting on coz I was guna use it. Then he said that I owe him an apology for asking his girl out. I said how can I apologize when I didn’t know.

yeah i dont take ■■■■ either. Good for you.

When people call on their friends i just laugh and threaten to ■■■■ them up.

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Darn right. Except don’t forget to realize your in a public place like a gym. I’d call the cops on them if they tried to lay hands on me I’d definitely defend myself. But they can be the ones who get charged. But after they did their ape like intimidation it was settled. I didn’t sweat them and they minded their own business. At one point they threatened me to leave the gym. I laughed at them I said u don’t own this gym I got a membership. Plus their stupid antics were all on camera. I want to talk with the owner but people tell me just to let it roll over. Things like this affect me mentally for days I feel anger, frustration but cooler heads prevail.