Your finance?

Is your personal finance,good,medium or bad?

I am starting to have a little bit of debt now,I owe 300 ringgit to a tv service provider company.I am clear of debt beside this

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My credit rating is high, but I’ve only been building for a couple of years, so it’s young.

I can do things like buy a house, but I wouldn’t qualify for low financing if I had to buy a car. Kind of backwards IMO

I have over $500,000 in debt but that includes two houses.

I will likely never be debt free

My finances at the moment are fine, but I can only go for so long before my money runs out as I had to leave my job on 9th March and I am yet to find a replacement income

no debt but not much money. i manage to save $200 a month, but need lots more than that to buy a house and retire comfortably. i would say bad.

I’d say it’s improved dramatically after I moved. I still have massive debts, but at least I’m not turning every penny figuring out how to afford basic food anymore.

Mines not amazing
I need to be saving tonnes but I haven’t got tonnes

For several essential things.

I get to save about half my monthly income. I’d say my current situation is good, compared to most sz sufferers. But I’ve been almost symptom free for a while now and that helped me restart my professional career. Hope it lasts.

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Yeah not great but luckily dont have debt as i live with the family

I am about $150 for spending each month after all bills are paid ---- I get by on thrift stores, food stamps and dollar tree …

I guess I’m ok though I have everything I possibly need, was thinking about getting a kitten as I spend lots of time at home — breaking even isn’t as bad as debt

I have 3 year contract on the lease of my vehicle. I have paid all the monthly payments on time for the past 10 months and have 26 more months to go.

Owing $300 to a TV/Internet Service Provider is nothing. Wait until you have to buy a house/flat/apartment.

I always wished I could purchase, not rent but own my apartment after maybe a year of reasonable payments

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I am very thankful for my finances but I do not own my own place nor can I afford to buy.

I have my car that was a gift to me.

I have my sacred neigh that is the platonic love of my life and I pay for her agistment.

I do not have money saved but I’m not in debt.

Actually I do have money saved for my car registration and insurance but I’m still saving to afford that.

I buy food cheap at food pantry and then some extra in shops.

I feel I’m circulating well and I’m grateful for all I have which is a lot but I’m on disability pension and that’s how it is.

I’m trying to save for Botox and I have a few hundred put away if my horse or dog needs the vet but if they needed surgery I couldn’t afford it and they would have to be put down but I afford their agistment, workers, medication,food etc so they have a good healthy life.

I can’t afford to travel etc but I live well .

I have it good.

Can afford makeup, hairdresser etc aswell as my other expenses.

Thankful I’m not in debt and for all I have though.

Debt free with some money in the bank. Four years ago I ran up about $7000 in credit card debt but now it’s payed off. I gave my credit cards to my sister to keep for me three years ago and surprisingly I found that I can get along without them just fine.

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I am in debt. I took all the debt in the divorce so my ex-husband would have an easier time getting by on his retirement income which is less than my disability income. I pay off about $700 per month. Except this month because of my daughter I went into debt an additional $1500 so I’m getting more behind. But the stimulus will cover most of that and I will get back on track next month. I should be out of debt by the end of the year, round about.

My finance is so-so. I haven’t built any credit because I don’t trust myself with a credit card. I don’t have any debt but I pay $40 for Adobe programs and $6.89 for Ting every month. Those are my only bills. --------------

That is how I used to be. There is good and bad with your thinking.

For one you can’t get yourself into too much trouble if nobody will loan you money or extend you credit.

On the other hand someday you may need to buy a car or a house and you will want a low interest rate. It can be expensive to have poor/no credit.

I was 35 yo before I took my credit seriously.


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