Your feelings on exhibitionists

So, I’m on Linked In, and, and my blog, grutzworks.

These are my main sites I’m on most of the day.

Today lots of near naked, or all naked women on Linked In. And I want to get my daughter into my network.

I am a Democrat, but I’m not loose.

Some are done in taste, others are near pornographic. If I wanted that stuff, I’d know where to go by now.

I just wish people didn’t all have an agenda, but maybe I’m guilty of that as well, as I share updates mainly about disabilities, and nothing that rouses the senses, but just makes you think.

Why are there naked women on LinkedIn. I thought that was a networking site for professionals.

It is. And that is my point exactly. I don’t care for the agenda they spout.

I need to really watch my network closely, I guess, as far as who I add to it.

It depends on what they’re exhibiting. I don’t care for Miley Cyrus’s act. To me that looks sleazy. I have a half hearted liking for some of the things Britney Spears did, though I’m not into her music. If someone is just sounding off and exhibiting his or her intellect, I usually like that, if they have any degree of intelligence. Again, it all depends on what they’re exhibiting.

The one tastefully done was a rendition from a nude woman done in portrait by a promising artist. It included pubic hair, and pointing breasts, a full nude.

The one not done is taste was two women scantily dressed gyrating to tubes between their legs. I deleted the man who posted this from my network.

Exhibitionism will hopefully end. I feel like we are in the “dark ages” of the internet when it comes to morality. Hopefully internet censorship will become a thing in the future and we can delete a lot of this filth on the net… after all, it is a public space.

I’m not pro net-neutrality in case anyone was wondering.

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Yeah thanks, I’m a Rand Paul supporter, by the way. Just thought I’d plug that. Hehe.