Your favourite physical sensations

Just thought I’d ask - what is your favourite physical pleasures in this life? Simple things that give you physical pleasure? Think… goosebumps, tingles, five senses, textures! :smile:

Mine are:
(No 1 definitely) a back tickle (goosebump bonanza!)
Blow drying my hair (more goosebumps)
A hot shower on a cold winter’s day
Playing with my husband’s beard
A back massage
Putting my feet in the water at the beach, and feeling the sand beneath my toes
Eating my favourite food (pasta) or drinking a cup of coffee
Stroking a cat
And others I forget or won’t mention :wink:

These things make life worth living!


I love pasta! and coffee - these are my favorites too @EarthChild :smiley:

a woman’s nails on my back. I’m always begging my gf for that…haha…
warm socks
a hit of weed hitting my brain…euphoric.
the settling feeling I get from nicotine (cigarettes)
hot water in the shower hitting my body
air conditioning

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Air conditioning hitting sweat, eating a hot link sandwich, watching a good documentary on youtube, petting a cat, the clean feeling after stepping out of the shower, seeing light shining through a tree at night.


As a kid I used to rather enjoy the sensation of warming up after coming in from playing in the snow in the winters. It was even a slightly painful sensation as it might burn slightly as your body warmed up but I always found it an interesting and enjoyable sensation…the tingling and whatnot.

But most of the others that came to mind are either too risqué, not particularly positive or gross…some all of the above I suppose :blush:

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Being petted! My husband pets me to sleep. Coffee is great too, especially when fixed perfectly.

Scratching, good food, showering, air conditioning, stretches after exercising at the gym.
A painful thrill when I think of a possible accidental death.

Floating. I love being in the water… pool or ocean or lake… I love floating and being under water.

I also like hot baths on cold days and cool baths on hot days.

I like that bubbling fuzzy feeling in the top of my brain when I’ve had too much coffee. I know I have to cut down… but once in a while isn’t bad right?

I also love that crisp chill in spring and fall mornings.

I like the feeling of fingers in my hair and I do like solid, tight hugs.

If I have just a hint of tired muscles after a hard day’s work or a long swim… I know I’ll sleep well and I do like that slightly tired, elated feeling after a workout.

  • Hot shower bath in winter.
  • Sitting on beach just for a couple of hours before evenings (especially in summer)
  • Breathing fresh morning air.
  • Eating from my sister’s plate (It’s fun and she hates it!)

Ummm…no one has mentioned anything sexual…O.o

I believe that has been alluded to or acknowledged rather tactfully instead of going the TMI route… :wink:


lol twenty characters

I do that too… my sis also hates it. :blush:

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lolz…{Sorry sisters}

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I like it the few times I’ve allowed myself to hit the exact center of an itch.

The mellow relaxed feeling at the end of a day when I’ve gotten a lot of exercise.


The sound of rain, having my hair brushed, someone singing, smell of early spring, sitting on the beach for hours, trees blowing…

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Three sneezes in a row when I’m NOT sick. Relaxing in my rocking chair with a cold (non-alcoholic) drink after work. Petting my cat. Afternoon naps. Having the heat turned up way high in my studio in winter. Having the heater finally kick in early in the morning when I drive to work. Feeling my smooth face after a shave.

Listening to a lone cricket in the night air
The feel of my cat’s nose touching mine in the morning when she wakes me up
That eerie silence when the voices stop talking even if it’s only for a minute
Cold toes inside warm blankets
Chocolate chip cookies that fall apart as you bite into them

Sleep. It’s just so so nice falling asleep.

“Caught a long wind” by feist is also good, but i only use that to wait to go to sleep again.

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