Your doctor's greatest advise for you...?

in a methophorical sense, my doc said ‘‘ride the waves’’

ive rode title waves in the past:)

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My doctor told me to attribute everything to back luck.

I have an old friend who is a psychiatrist teaching in the university. She told me the first year post psychosis is the worst. We could expect some progress in terms of year.

“The unlived life is not worth examining.”


A. Active chores.
B. Brisk walks.
C. Call a friend.

My doc once pondered…

“You know, people with cancer jump into action and reach out and get help. Believe me, Cancer is not as complicated as SZ. Do fall into that trap of trying to take on SZ alone. It’s OK to ask for help. A wise man who is drowning will grab a life ring.”

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Think positive not negative. The meds, anxiety pill, made me stop caring to much, which made my thoughts positive

seven years ago i was doing really bad so i went to see a doctor.
i said " i am paranoid sz i wonder if there are any new drugs on the market that can help me ?".
the doc said " no you don’t have paranoid sz".
i said " yes i do i have had it since a kid !"
the doc said " no you don’t ".
at this point i was confused i started to doubt myself, and i was looking at the family photo of his kids and thinking if i cut the heads of your kids, will you believe me then!.
i got up and left and ran through the street shouting " i just met jesus and he cured me ! hallelujah !!
that last part was not true !
take care

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