Your all so cute!

I get this a lot lol today I was speaking to someone of a dating site I told him straight up I was in the process of being diagnosed and didn’t want to waste his time. He said I’m cute wtf. I was trying to have serious talk with him. Probably won’t ever see him. But it’s nice to hear those words. Lol and from the bottom of my heart I don’t say this much I think you’re all been cute too. Take care.


I’m glad you can’t get a close look at me.

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You’re cute I’ve seen you with my own heart.


How cheesy was that

Maybe you need glasses XD I’m kinda more awkward than cute looking but thank you!

Lol I don’t need glasses to see how cute you are :kissing_heart:


I told him straight up I was in the process of being diagnosed and didn’t want to waste his time.

Maybe that’s a good idea. It could weed out the shallow people pretty quickly.


I don’t advocate doing that. Id prefer to get to know the person first and allow them to get to know me. But my mind isn’t up for all the heartache because of it so it’s better to say something first before it gets serious and then they decide they don’t want anything to do with me.

Dunno. Whatever reason you do it for, I still think it’s a good idea. Keep us updated!!

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I prefer handsome.

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If another girl ever calls me handsome, then I’ll follow her around like a puppy dog for the rest of my life.

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I pick my nose too often to be considered by a female it seems

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I have a good hear but I am ugly as hell, fat, pasty white, and with a beard that looks like pubic hair. nope nothing cute about me except for the tattoo on my back of a kitten disemboweling a mickey mouse…yes I had that tattooed on my back XD

I was,left at the alter for wiping my nose on my tux. Harsh world

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I’ve had strange men come up to me and tell me they think I am cute, I never know what to say so I just say thanks and that’s the end of the conversation.

When i read the word cute it seems condescending not saying that they ment it this way just a personal insecurity. It is nice to get complimented. … I find most of you entertaining to say the least your stories are usualy heart felt and convey good messages…

whats wrong in saying it…
if he iz cute he iz .if he is adorable he iz adorable…if he is bad he iz …
its like judging the book by seeing its cover…
u need to turn the pages to know all about it…
its only the beginning of ur chat…
u should’ve gone lil further to know more…
after all its ur life so iz ur choice…
take care…:pray:

dang… theres nothing wrong with being called cute :slight_smile: ty Ish :slight_smile: likewise. youre cute yourself <3

Just make sure you don’t eat it lol

ill keep your warning in mind :stuck_out_tongue: but the news might be in favor of such some days

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