Young people these days

So I have met some really stupid and immature young people. My friend who is 20 is a dropout who is back in school but not making very good grades, he does as much drugs as Leonardo Decaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, he is a programming wizard and has a paid internship with a prestigious company, and his girlfriend just turned 17, and he gets her to do psychadelic drugs with him. He’s disgusting. He asks me to buy him liquor and tries to use my house as a place to drink and do drugs. If I smell alcohol or weed on him, I send him back out the door. And if he comes over with a spiked soft drink, I smell that ■■■■, I used to be a binge drinker when I was 19. I call him on it and kick him out.

I was out at a pub last weekend with some old friends, one of them is the lacrosse captain at Rhodes college, which is the best school in town, he is also a really good student, and this young lady he was with was talking about her job, she is some sort of nurse and said she talks to schizophrenics all day. I was like “Ha, I am schizophrenic.” and she was like no you’re not, and I was like “no really, look at this” and showed her my pillbox full of my meds. She read the capsules and recognized them as antipsychotics and was like “Well I hope you dont think that were trying to poison you and then kill us.”

What. The. Hell. Two of my friends immediately started saying things like “No, hes in remission” and “He’s not like that, those pills work”. I didn’t even say anything.

Another one of my friends sells drugs and he somehow got me to buy him liquor a week ago. As soon as he and said computer wizard friend were at my place, they left to go drink the whole bottle somewhere else, as I will have a drink and only one drink, sometimes two with other people and get mad at them if they drink and drive.

Young people can be pretty depressing. Most of my friends are mature, we do things like go to dinner or go to a bar and play pool and have a beer or two, or play video games or watch something. It’s just these kids who do all of this illegal/stupid/unenlightened stuff that bothers me. Sometimes we just get together and chat.

I really hate how some young people are just…stupid. One of my friends (one who was bicurious one night) was talking to me about how whenever I kick the programmer idiot druggie drunk out of my house, he goes to his house. He said he just tells him that if he dies in a car wreck on the way back, he won’t be surprised.

I mean some of my “friends” are doing things that would land them in prison. I was never that bad, I didn’t drink and drive when I was a binge drinker, I didnt get underage girls to drink, do drugs and have sex with me, I didnt sell drugs. I was psychotic and these kids are “normal” and “healthy” and are allowed to be fireman, cops, soldiers, while I am for some reason encouraged to get a graduate degree, given a full ride to a university, but cant even become a disposable Marine in an infantry unit.

I think people with sound minds who behave like they are insane get on my nerves. I’ve been insane and I didn’t do anything like what these kids do.


When I was young I wouldn’t have dreamed of behaving towards adults the way some kids are behaving today.

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I was an idiot when I was young. I try hard these days, now that I’m getting old, to avoid thinking the same of every young person but it’s hard.

I did some pretty stupid things when I was younger - Right now I do not have the patience to be around teenagers. My nephew is a young teenager, and I cannot help but think that he is going to start doing stupid things too - I have learned my lessons, this is the positive aspect to all of this

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I invariably had a cynical attitude toward young people until I met my wife’s kids and some of their friends who really were what they seemed to be – wholesome, upstanding, personable, friendly, smart, funny, kind, etc., etc… Since then, whenever I find myself stigmatizing a young person, I consider a few good counterexamples and give myself a little lecture on prejudice and stigma.


Most of my nieces and nephews are great kids, they help me as well. Unfortunately, one of my nephews is a real bonehead.

I’m sorry you’re so annoyed with young people today. Not everyone of us is like this. Sad thing is, just like with everything else, the kids behaving badly, get the attention, they make the news, and they post dumb things on the web.

No one hears of the young people who work two jobs, don’t go party, get good grades.

One of the 18 year olds on my guard team has been working almost full time while going to school. Yes, he as a good scholarship, but a drunk driver put his Dad in a wheel chair for now. This youngster is helping his parents pay off the house. You will never find him in a bar. He can’t spend his free time or spare money like that.

There are many “kids today” who don’t do drugs, have still not been in a bar, work, go to school, don’t have the time or money.

I do have some hard partying friends. They come from families richer then me and don’t have a bill in the world. They have the money and time to burn.

I do know I’m hypersensitive on this issue. I know a person who our team is getting rid of, she acts like the youngsters you’ve encountered in the bar. If the type of person your meeting is anything like the girl on our team, I can understand your assessment of kids today.

She does half assed work, she misses her teaching classes, she shows up not fit for duty, she brags about her $5,000 purse. (that is over a years rent for me)

I do understand why she does such a bad job; she doesn’t need the job. she has her parents picking up the bill for all her parties, her car, her speeding tickets. I’m sorry these are the only ones your meeting.

But she’s just one in a crew of 60. The rest of us don’t drink, don’t do drugs, get good grades.

After seeing how some adults act, (our politicians to be sure) I sure do hate it when “kids today” get looked down on. Please give a thought to “Adults Today”

I hope in your travels you get to meet other “kids today” who aren’t messing up and are giving hope to the next generation. We are out here.

Thank you for your patience and letting me post.


That sounds just like young people when I was young. I think it is just a phase. There are plenty of decent young people, and it is better than old people who have become cynical and hopeless.


“Young people these days!” -this has been being said since time began I assure you.

This topic came up with my parents the other week and my father was saying that his parents generation were saying the same thing about his generation and that their parents had been saying this about his parents generation and so on. I know when I was in my teens my parents were appalled at what we watched on tv and very concerned about the type of music I was listening to. But as my father said the other week that despite all the Beavis and Butthead and Greenday they agonized over having an effect on me I’m a genuinely decent person as an adult.

When I was a young person everyone I knew was living crazy…my friends would be piling into the back of my van after a night of binge drinking or drug taking and off we’d go. You say you consider this a matter of stupidity…none of my friends could be accused of being stupid, I’m talking people who were brilliant students, people who graduated second in their class, and yes we took acid and drove drunk and set things on fire just to see them burn. It wasn’t abnormal behavior in my crowd to do reckless things like this. We were just being crazy kids, hopping freight trains or crashing house parties or what have you.

Most people grow up and grow out of it and become responsible adults, I know everyone I’m aware of from my youth did just that and they are just fine these days with careers and families and spouses. I guess there are some who never do grow out of being reckless and crazy and I suppose we more cautious adults just stay away from those people.

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