Young children can easily see disturbing content on YouTube

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Apparently even the “youtube kids” app has issues as well.


It’s a huge problem. I remember letting my baby cousin watch Thomas the train videos when he was two. One of the videos started off super normal, and then suddey the trains started stabbing each other! It was horrifying to him. It turned out to be some 8th grader’s school project on Julius Ceaser. Totally harmless and not intended to traumatize kids, but it automatically came up in a search for Thomas the Train videos.


Young children shouldn’t have unsupervised Net access, period.


I’ve heard there’s parental control software,but I’m not sure how well it works.

They have it at Squirrelette’s school. Most of the kids figured out how to circumvent it. Some are even using the school’s WiFi to watch pr0n.

Yeah, that’s how I feel. With 300 videos going up every minute, how exactly do you expect YouTube to sift through every video and make sure it’s perfectly safe for young children? Mind you, YouTube’s policy is that you need to be 13 or older to create an account. It’s not, nor has it ever been, meant for toddlers.

My point? There’s only so much that YouTube can do to keep young children from finding inappropriate content. It’s up to the parent, not YouTube, to be vigilant and monitor what their children are watching. This is 2019 people. There are tons of other apps, many from children’s TV channels themselves, that parents can safely let their children use to watch videos and kid’s shows.

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Heh. You’re not gonna like my little broadcasting project, I’m guessing. It’s also full of disturbing content.

To each there own. I avoid it as much as I can. Just don’t purposely try to warp someone’s mind. As you know what has been seen can’t be unseen.

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K9 is very helpful for general web use

Pretty sure that the warped people are finding us!

(And we’re down with it.)


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Ever since the beginning of communication and art kids could find disturbing content in it. And many kids would simply have to live in a warzone to see or experience disturbing things. I first saw a war movie with blood when I was 4. I saw porn on HBO at age 12. I wish I never saw stuff like that because it didn’t make me a man but it’s everywhere because humanity is full of it. If you want to clean up what our kids see just have children appropriate stuff on the media sources. But if you did the effect would be like Prohibition was in the 1920’s in the US. Adults generally don’t go for that.

It’s because of this I spend $5 a month on Amazon FreeTime for my autistic daughter’s kindle. My 8 year old knows how to identify stuff but her 17 year old sister is like a young child.

My heart aches for you. I hope that someday they can improve the function of those who are trapped lower down on the spectrum. Helluva thing.



Agree totally. Even some at the high end of the spectrum push that it’s a ‘gift’ and fail to acknowledge that some are profoundly disabled

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Thanks, you two. She isn’t just autistic, she is mentally disabled. I am lucky that she is verbal and friendly. I’ve been told she is the friendliest autistic child many have met, by professional examiners.

Oh, I won’t deny I view it as a gift, but I know that not everyone is so blessed. And it has cost me elsewhere. I admit being jealous of those who can socialize. Even when I’m successfully faking my way into a group it just feels foreign and wrong.


You’ve got your head on right about it.

I can’t even fake it. I am all right with my family/stepfamily but struggle outside of that .

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