Young age and sz..when did u have first psychotic break..!

I am feeling extremely helpless…what do u do to cope such situation …what are ur ages u felt crashed up…

I turned psychotic ar age19…

When I was 24. I read everyday a bunch of phrases that kind brainwash me, then I believe that I don’t have negative and cognitive symptoms.

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Yes u dont have negative symptoms. .and cognitive symptoms. .

I had probably the negative symptoms. But with time they disappeared. If I have cognitive symptoms, they’re not so strong.

I was hearing voices when I was about 19. I had been suicidal as young as 5 though.

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My first psychotic episode happened when I was 31. I’m almost 35 now.

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U look happy man…u are better feeling now…

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But I’ve dealt with depression and social anxiety my whole life

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Now that I’m on a good med combo, yes, I feel much better. It took a long time to get it figured out, but I’m glad I didn’t give up and settle on something that worked but left me feeling terrible.


I’ve been somewhat psychotic since about 3 or 4 but didn’t have a full blown psychotic episode until almost 19

I was about 15-16 (mid-90’s) when my symptoms really started to show. I think I had problems before then, but they weren’t noticeable to others.Like I used to think pictures on my wall were talking to me. That was even younger then my first full on break down. I thought I could communicate with people through I can only describe as possibly automatic writing. A friend had told me originally it was a way to communicate with the dead. It worked like a Ouija board only instead of the board you hold a pencil and let them write through you. Well in my psychosis I thought I could talk to anyone through this…specifically celebrities.

I also thought I could walk anywhere, and late one night I was found wandering near the capital. I vaguely remember walking out at night but I don’t remember the city…I thought I was walking in the country. That was when I first became hospitalized. That and I believed I was fictional characters in books/movies.

That said it took almost a half of a year before I was released from the hospital. I don’t remember much after being released. I was so heavily medication on so many different medications I decided to just focus my attention on my school work. I had already failed one semester of high school so it took me five years to graduate, and then went to a two year college and got an associates degree. I had trouble finding a job after school and worked a temporary job for 3 years before my first relapse hit me. I had to quit work. Unable to find work after that I decided to go back to school and got my Bachelor’s degree, but I’m still not working.

I still have symptoms. Invasive thoughts, severe concentration issues, I hate leaving my house, I’m not sociable. Right now I’ve decided that I’d work on a novel, and that’s been pulling me through some dark times however it’s also causing some dark times when I feel I’m living up to my potential or I fell my writing sucks.

For me the thought that God has a purpose for me gets me through my darkest times. I don’t know what that purpose is, but I don’t think he would let me suffer for no good reason. I don’t want to start a debate about religion here, it’s just a personal thought that gets me through hard times.


First major episode I was 16. I’ve had symptoms my whole life though.

I’ve had 4 more big episodes since then and a large number of smaller ones but I haven’t had any episodes at all in a year and a half and currently consider my psychosis to be more stable than it has ever been. Don’t give up hope yet.

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Diagnosed age 16.

I didn’t cope well. I hurt myself quite a bit. If I could advice my younger self, I would say that it gets much better.

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First psychotic episode at 46. A year and a half ago.

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I don’t know, but I know the voices started when i was 14 although i didn’t know what they were at the time. When i was 18 i had my first full-on breakdown.