You'll be the only one who isn't there

It’s a funeral.

I won’t be there.

What if i’m alone though at my funeral?


Tonight is logic night. If you die hated and alone like me then you wouldn’t know anyway because we’re dead.

Logic takes a hit tonight.

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Nah man, you’re not hated everywhere. Here at you’re a beloved member of the posting community in the forum.

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And since we’re going on about le British Invasion… here are the Hollies with Bus Stop


Did you just say british invasion?

Yeah, you know it. The fleeing masses of British people to America so they can force warm beer on us.

Is that really worse than budweiser though?

Because let’s face it, budweiser.

I hear butter beer is aiight though.

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Maybe it’s just because the climate over in Englaaaaaand! Is like 30 degrees colder farenheit

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I’m not sure. Personally I would prefer cold Bud to warm Coors or Miller.

Yeah, mumfor was wondering about that, was it his love or fear of the cold that brought them together.

I was like marc, it was the cold, are you serious?

Ignoring eachother most of our lives.

To reach this service called the funeral.

The only place we won’t be present, but we didn’t die alone.