You won’t believe this situation!

My sister in law is completely deaf and blind in one eye. Well over the weekend she started losing her sight in her one good eye. She lives alone and far away from family.

Anyway, she contacted her ophthalmologist office this morning for an appointment and they scheduled her for the 29th!!!

I called them on her behalf to try to get a sooner appointment. I mean what will she do if she’s completely deaf and completely blind?!?! She told me she told the dr all that and they still put her on for the 29th! I convinced them to send a message to the dr to get her in right away.

We’re waiting for a reply. Insane!


Tell her to get to an ER five minutes ago. If it’s a problem with her retina there’s a small window of time in which it can be repaired before there is permanent blindness. It can’t wait.


I did. She refused


Hope she likes using a white cane.


She’s afraid of Covid unfortunately


@velociraptor is absolutely right.

I worked for an ophthalmologist.

Time is a factor.

She needs to get to an ER.


She’s refusing to go to the ER due to her fear of Covid. I tried very hard to convince her to go


I’d call an ambulance on her.

Explain the situation.

What is she going to do, stop you?

When they arrive if she tries to refuse service, you tried.


@velociraptor @Charles_Foster
Update: She’s finally agreed to go to the ER but she’s super angry about it. The dr called her through the system with the interpreter and was all over her about going to the ER. He wouldn’t leave her alone until she agreed. So this is good news. I’m not good at being super hard on people like that. I did try really hard to convince her though


Yikes. That is scary. My grandmom was blind. She had a hearing aid too. I could not.imagine losing my eyesight. Good to see you @velociraptor


Another update @velociraptor @Charles_Foster @pasteyface

She’s in the hospital still. The MRI machine broke so they still don’t know what is wrong. They’re hoping it’s fixed by tomorrow to see what’s going on. For some reason, they also want to do a PET scan. I really hope it’s not cancer or stroke. But hopefully we know what’s going on soon


Yikes. How’s her vision?

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Is she having any improvement? Or is it getting worse? Or the same as when she went in? I’m just wondering. I hope the doctors can fix whatever is wrong. Being both deaf and completely blind doesn’t sound fun at all.

My grandma is blind. She went blind about 10 or 11 years ago. I think she has macular degeneration, but I am not sure.

I am wishing the best outcome for your SIL. :purple_heart:

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@velociraptor @Charles_Foster @pasteyface @Blossom

Update: Today is day 3 in the hospital. They’ve been running lots of tests. Today, she had some kind of test that required a breathing tube. She doesn’t know the name of the test or what they were looking for so I’d say their communication with her is unacceptable.

She wasn’t allowed to eat or drink until this afternoon. They also did a brain MRI and a full body scan of some type.

They haven’t told her a diagnosis and they haven’t told her the possibilities.

She’s still got very blurry vision in her only eye. But it’s well enough that she can text me. So they should either be signing to her or writing things down so she’s informed. I’m very stressed about this


I’m sorry @ZmaGal, this situation must be tought to you… :neutral_face:


@zoa , it’s just scary because I live far away and so does the whole rest of her family. I wish they we’re communicating better with her


Are you in contact with them?
I mean, there must be some support for her when she gets out.
I hope things turn out as they’ve been…


With the privacy laws in the US I can only talk to the providers with her written permission but she hasn’t done that for anyone in the family so we’re all at a loss and have no idea what’s going on. However, they do have me in her file as an emergency contact


Ok, hang on, you did good so far…


Thank you @zoa 15

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