You think I don't say all this crap IRL?

We had a meeting today at work. My supervisor had told me last Wendsday but I forgot. So I walked into work this morning and two of my co-workers remined me. The building has a really nice auditorium with dimmer switches and tier seating and a big screen for slides for the soldiers meetings.

No one knew what the meeting would be about but ten of us were siting there waiting as an important woman from human resources and her assistant told us it was about sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s a touchy subject and everybody was sitting there really serious looking. The human resource lady set up a screen so we could watch a DVD about the subject.

She looked up and announced "This is a DVD to train you on sexual harassment. I thought about it for a whole hundredth of a second and than I blurted out, “You mean it’s going to train us on how to sexually harass someone?” It’s a serious subject and the atmosphere was serious but most everybody there started laughing.

Now it’s after the fact and I’m home resting but it makes me wonder how my supervisors took my little jest, lol.


I guess you had to be there.


Hey it’s a good ice breaker :blush: too many uptight people out there!

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They started teaching us in the 2000s in the military that if you have sex with an intoxicated woman it’s rape. I have picked up many women in bars as a young man. So did my friends. I argued with the lady who first told me this in a class once. She didn’t like it.

I guess we were all serial rapists. And my wife is an alcoholic so she is always intoxicated.

I don’t drink anymore and don’t go to bars so the intoxicated women of America are all safe from me now.

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If you have sex with a mentally ill person that is also rape. There was a case in my country where a women was having sex with a man and had 4 children toghter, the man was mentally ill
The women said to the police he raped her one time (found not true and the women was lying to get revenge). So they open an investigation and found her guilty of rape because the man was mentally IL and he couldn’t have consented for sex.

It’s a bit of a weird case but there were also others factors involved wich I don’t know much

I think its funny.

No one wants to sit through that kind of training,

I think a little humor was called for.


I would have laughed at that

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Lol. You have a more Australian sense of humor @77nick77. Self depreciating humor is par for the course over here but I found rare when in America. I would have laughed and I suspect that it was all ok. Your a natural which is rare to be quick witted. It really is but it will hold you in good stead when your chatting to people.

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I’ve never heard that law. It doesn’t mean it ain’t true but I’ve never heard of it.

Christ, if it’s a crime to have sex with your own marriage partner that law needs changing. Exactly why can’t a mentally ill person consent to have sex? The law is ludicrous because there’s millions of schizophrenics in the world of varied ages.and none of them can have sex? Judge Judy liked saying, “If it doesn’t sound right then it probably isn’t true.”

So mentally ill people are banned for life from having sex?

Most mentally ill people I’ve been friends with seemed normal. My friends are people first, and mentally ill people second. Some of them had a lot of sex, some didn’t. But they were so normal that I couldn’t even imagine anyone having the nerve to tell them they aren’t competent to have sex.

I hope the supervisor is not offended.If not,she’s a petty person

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oh that made me laugh. good one @77nick77

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Thanks @jukebox .

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