You take a population who are notorious for stopping their medication and give them a medication that tastes like crap and expect them to hold it under their tongue for 10 minutes

Well what kind of sense does that make? I’m not doing it. I’ve complained multiple times. I’ve asked for samples of the stuff that I can take without a problem. The meds nurse said she would check and get back to me when she had time. Well obviously she doesn’t have time for me. In 2 days she could find time to open the cabinet to see if there’s any Saphris and call me back. Clearly she forgot. Well ■■■■ it I’m not taking anymore of this stuff it makes me gag. I guess Rexulti will be the only ap I have, I hope it’s enough.


Why are you on 2 antipsychotics? Are you treatment resistant?

If I were you I would tell the Dr to only prescribe Rexulti.

Her doctor should only be the one to tell her what to do.


Yea I know, thats why I told her to ask her Dr.

ah that sucks… if it tastes bad i wouldn’t take it either… it’s hard enough to be on meds already…

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I didn’t take it last night.

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